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Nutrition Made Simple

Mar 3, 2021

Are you interested in learning how to meal prep?

Meal prepping is one of the most valuable skills you can develop to set yourself up for success.

This week, Nicole Aucoin and Ashley Osterman break down the idea of meal prepping into simple and actionable steps. They discuss some of our top efficiency tips and some common mistakes when you first learn how to meal prep!

Whether you are a seasoned meal prepper or just getting started, this episode is for you!

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We believe something as fundamental as nutrition shouldn’t be complicated, which is why we focus on a simple habit-based approach. Our mission to help one million people take control of their health one step at a time. 

In order to do that, we need gym owners and coaches with their boots on the ground, using the Healthy Steps Nutrition framework to empower their communities to make health a way of life. 

HSN Mentoring provides a turn-key solution for gym owners to build, launch and grow a professional nutrition coaching program in your gym including training, business systems, nutrition coach certification, an exclusive app to manage clients, and ongoing mentoring. 


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