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Nutrition Made Simple

Jun 1, 2022

With ⅓ of the population being diabetic, pre-diabetic, and oblivious of their statistics, awareness of your blood sugar levels and establishing early blood sugar management through regulating food intake, proper nutrition, and a healthy sleep schedule, will significantly affect your overall fitness and health for the better! 


In this episode, Josh shares his experience as a first-time HSN client trying out the continuous glucose monitoring program. Seeing your blood sugar numbers spike and dip as a reaction to food intake and activity had Josh rethink his unhealthy eating habits and consider greater involvement in fitness and health! 


What You’ll Learn:

  • What Continuous Glucose Monitoring is
  • Ways to prevent Disease and Optimize Health
  • How nutrition perfectly fits into blood sugar management 
  • How the program will shape your approach and relationship with food
  • Seeing how your body reacts to certain foods


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