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Nutrition Made Simple

Jun 8, 2022

Diabetes is one of the chronic diseases with top healthcare costs with the maintenance of insulin, medication, and dialysis. Historically, a continuous glucose monitoring program only applied to the diabetic and the pre-diabetic. With one in ten people having diabetes and 20% unaware of their disease, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) will definitely keep your probability rate low. Kayla Pollock dives deeper into blood sugar monitoring awareness with nutrition coaching to best share how these all contribute to a healthier and fitter lifestyle.


In this episode, Kayla Pollock, a registered dietician and a member of the HSN mentor team, shares why people should care about their numbers, the common questions about continuous glucose monitoring, and understanding the benefits of blood sugar management!


What You’ll Learn:

  • What is continuous glucose monitoring is
  • How Blood Sugar Management helps prevent chronic Diseases
  • What are chronic diseases
  • How does nutrition affect blood sugar management
  • Why numbers are important
  • What these numbers mean


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