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Nutrition Made Simple

Feb 17, 2023

Amanda Haar strives to master mindfulness in order to feel fulfilled, but she must first learn to create margin, practice mindful eating, and cultivate an attitude of gratitude to overcome her busyness-induced stress and conflicting goals. She is one of the lead dietitians at Healthy Steps Nutrition HQ and...

Feb 8, 2023

Today is going to be really fun. This podcast is actually geared for parents first but then meant to be shared with your teen. 10 things I wish I knew about nutrition as a teen athlete.

Most teenagers, especially girls, want to look a certain way. We don't realize the food that we eat and how it fuels our body and how...

Feb 1, 2023

Today's podcast guest is Registered Dietitian and Healthy Steps Nutrition MentorKayla Pollock.

Kayla had an “AHA” moment when she was in college, learning about how her restrictive diet was slowing her metabolism and making her tired. She realized that food was fuel and that mindset had to change if she wanted to...