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Nutrition Made Simple

Apr 27, 2022

Do you have a teen girl? Over 50% of teen girls and 30% of teen boys have unhealthy weight control behaviors. As parents, we might not ever know.

Today's podcast guest is Ashley Andujar. She is a former gymnast and high school student. After stopping gymnastics and during the pandemic she gained some weight. After...

Apr 20, 2022

Are you a business owner or Human Resources Director looking to start an employee wellness program?
Today's guest is Lizz Sadowski, Healthy Steps Nutrition Coach and Mentor at HSN Mentoring. Lizz is the lead nutrition coach at Healthy Steps Nutrition HQ for Employee Wellness initiatives.
In today's episode, Nicole...

Apr 13, 2022

Today's podcast guest is Amanda Haar, Registered Dietitian at Healthy Steps Nutrition HQ.

Amanda specializes in women's health and works with clients to optimize hormones through a holistic approach.

In today's episode, Nicole Aucoin and Amanda Haar discuss:
- The impact of alcohol consumption on sleep,...

Apr 6, 2022

Today's episode is with the founders of Healthy Steps Nutrition, Jason and Nicole Aucoin.

In today's episode, Jason and Nicole Aucoin discuss:
- Blood Markers Related To Chronic Disease (Triglycerides, A1c, Blood Sugar)
- What Continuous Glucose Monitoring Is & How It Will Help You Understand What Is Going On Inside...